Recently I downloaded this meditation app and it’s wonderful. Truthfully I’ve never really been into meditation-I never thought I had the attention spans but this app is great. They’re guided meditations so someone talks the whole time. Granted, I still can’t just sit still and do it. I’m often driving or walking but it’s still very nice. It helps me feel that feeling of centeredness that I was looking for last year at church. Today was a really good one on equanimity. She talked about how we all just want to find happiness. I’ve never met a more true statement and it really has changed me in this short time. I think that even though some people are not so nice about it, and don’t often go about it in the proper ways, it is so totally true that all we are looking for is happiness. Because of this, we need to forgive!! I can’t blame people for their actions constantly when all they are trying to do is be happy, even if it is a fucked up way. We have to forgive people for their faults and realize that each and every one of us wants the same thing-to be happy. 


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