free time 

I think what terrified me most about this whole endeavor was the fact that I was about to have a ridiculous amount of free time in my hands. And that terrified me. I was so scared of being alone with nothing to do, sacred of the prospect of finally having to face myself. What if I didn’t like that I saw, what I had become? Then the day came and I was left to face myself. And it was okay. I was okay with being alone and with who I had become, more than that though I’m proud of myself. I was so sure that I had lost myself and my identity in these past two years or so and I was wrong. I’m still me. I think the most that I had disappointed myself was by not focusing enough on myself and consistently choosing everyone else over me. So now I’m learning to be selfish. And at that, I love my free time. I love being able to decompress and be with just me. 

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