a text

Yesterday, he texted me. It caught me by so much surprise yet at the same time it felt so normal. I thought he genuinely just wanted to know how I was and how things were going. Of course he is too selfish for that. He had an issue and he wanted me to solve it. Of course I’m flattered to know that he still wants to confide in me so but at the same time what the hell.  Once again, you only come to me when you need me. You only want me around when it’s convenient for you. And you still can’t handle your own shit. The whole purpose of this was for the dependence to stop and for you to grow the fuck up yet here you are, still depending on me to take care of you and knock some sense into you. I still love talking to you, but not when you’re only gonna talk to me when you’re in crisis. I just cannot get how narcissistic and selfish of you that was. Increasingly I’m feeling like I made the right decision. But at the same times there’s still that part of me that genuinely hopes he can change. Ugh. 

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